The benefits to purchasing a new Volvo luxury SUV, sedan or wagon at Mears Motors in Brownfield are myriad.

In fact, despite the interconnectedness of the world, our stock remains replete with the most popular Volvo models to date. This means the intensity of the worldwide semiconductor chip shortage may never affect our Lubbock area dealership, with new vehicle production hampered across the industry as a result.

Volvo Models Aplenty at Mears Motors

At Mears Motors, we've taken the necessary precautions to circumvent those inventories dwindling elsewhere in Wolfforth.

Indeed, our extended, new Volvo selection draws clients from Dallas and Houston in search of depth in new Volvo SUVs, sedans and wagons. Or there's the simple desire to acquire a new vehicle without delay or hindrance.

The Importance of a Robust, New Volvo Inventory Near Levelland

With any business, demand may ebb and flow. Couple this to shortages of those vital chips needed for powering an immense array of vehicle systems, and it may raise alarm elsewhere.

As mentioned, Mears Motors has experienced no such decline given our West Texas preparedness and self-sufficiency. Though this does heighten expectation that Volvo models incorporating new generation, Volvo Mild Hybrid powertrains will be in great demand throughout Brownfield.

In this, browse below those new Volvo models featuring mild hybrid powertrains never requiring a plugged-in charge, with semiconductor chips intact at Mears Motors:

  • Volvo XC60 and Volvo XC40 luxury SUVs.
  • Volvo S90 and Volvo S60 luxury sedans.
  • Volvo V90 Cross Country luxury wagons.

Volvo Mild Hybrid Models and Federal Tax Credits – Perfect Together

As an enticement towards acquiring a Volvo Plug-in Hybrid, Electric Vehicle (PHEV), the federal government provides tax credits of up to $7,500. This means when purchasing your new Volvo Mild Hybrid, your federal tax liability may be reduced considerably.

And with those credits absorbed, you've got the confidence and pride in doing something good for the Brownfield environment by piloting a Volvo Mild Hybrid model with lessened emissions following.

Additional Benefits of Buying a New Volvo in Brownfield

As a Volvo dealership, Mears Motors must be at the cutting edge of curating inventory, financing expertise and extending elements of Volvo Genuine Service and Volvo Genuine Parts.

In essence, when you purchase a new Volvo luxury SUV, sedan or wagon from Mears Motors, an entire operation cements your Volvo experience:

  • In working with our finance professionals, finance specials may incorporate a reduced APR (Annual Percentage Rate) over course of a defined period.
  • Established relationships covering local lending institutions and banks enable client challenges successfully surmounted.
  • We want you ensconced within Volvo Cars' safety designs and the comfort of luxurious interiors bespoke of Scandinavian principles toward balancing work and relaxation.

And when purchase is made, the trusted Mears Motors' service center stands ready to effect Volvo factory-suggested maintenance protocols and other servicing needs as they arise.

From oil changes every few thousand miles and brake system rehabilitation to front-end wheel alignment and frequent tire rotations, it’s all done efficiently. We provide value laced throughout your Volvo experience as a new or returning Volvo owner.

Mears Motors Extends Benefits to Buying a New Volvo in Brownfield

Just merely saying there are benefits with the purchase of a new Volvo model does nothing.

At Mears Motors, we back our business with dedication and professionalism. Nothing is more important than having a client revel in their new-found joy of Volvo ownership.

So, visit our local Brownfield area dealership today for more information.