It's impossible to ignore the Volvo S60 R-Design. Between its glossy exterior and vented black grilles, it's the kind of car that will leave pedestrians staring at your tail lights as you turn the corner. You can even customize it with multiple colors and unique wheel alloys.

There's more to the Volvo S60 R-Design than its appearance, however. Its exterior features include bright headlamps for nighttime visibility and a stiff lower suspension to improve the maneuverability of the vehicle. All things considered, its trim is just as functional as it is fashionable.

Are you intrigued by the Volvo S60 R-Design? Are you wondering what you'd look like behind the wheel of such a powerful all-wheel drive? We'd be happy to let you take one for a test drive at Mears Mazda Volvo. It's our job to make sure that drivers in Lubbock have the best vehicles available for them, so don't hesitate to give us a call and scope out the Volvo S60 R-Design in person.



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