How the Mazda CX-3 Will Keep You Safe

You have a long life ahead of you. Choosing a vehicle filled with safety features will make it easier for you to feel in control on the roads. At Mears Motors, we’re excited to show off the safety features found in the popular subcompact crossover known as the Mazda CX-3.

There are a substantial number of standard safety features inside of the CX-3. When you’re driving around Lubbock, TX, you’ll love the active driving display to give you details without taking your eyes off of the road.

i-ACTIVESENSE is a full suite of features for you to enjoy, too. The technologies will help you to avoid hazards on the road. This includes pre-collision safety technology, blind spot monitoring, and more. Sensors will tell you where vehicles are so that you can make smarter decisions. Your vehicle can even break when you aren’t responding fast enough.

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